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Sexuality and Love in Creative Writing: A CSU Summer Arts 2017 Workshop

In a culture where sex is taboo, where conversations about sexuality for men, women, and those outside the gender binary are changing, stories have more need than ever to be told. This course focuses on some innovators in writing about sexuality and love. What are the different dynamics we’re creating in romantic relationships? How are people navigating these waters? This isn’t focusing, necessarily, on the language of sex, but on how to tell stories about sex—coming-of-age tales, writing about female sexuality, sexuality and aging, marginal sexualities, existing outside of the binary of gay/straight, etc—and also how to talk about love. How is love defined? These things are at the core of our humanness. Come explore with a dynamic group of classmates and exciting guest artists what is at the heart of your own story and how to write it.

Course Coordinator: Brandi M Spaethe

Guest Artists: Brenda Shaughnessy, Garth Greenwell, Li-Young Lee, and Randa Jarrar